Suzuki Swift 2017 review

Suzuki Swift 2017 review

Suzuki Swift 2017 review

Suzuki Swift 2017 review – Affordability has always been one the Suzuki Swift’s strengths. Throw in the improved driving dynamics of its 2010 model overhaul. And you have got a cheap motor that is decent to drive – and when it comes to battling the class-leading Ford Fiesta. The Swift certainly needs to impress. So let’s see what it can do. Suzuki has improved the Swift’s handling with each generation.

Suzuki Swift Review

And it is now at a very exciting point in its history as it has responsive steering and is genuinely fun to drive. It doesn’t have the same sublime feel of the Fiesta, but it is definitely heading in the right direction. Its suspension is also very interesting as it sits on the fence between being stiff and spongy. But that works a treat when you are tackling speed bumps and cruising on the Suzuki Swift 2017 review.

Speaking of motorway driving, I have actually been up and down the country in this and you do end up forgetting you are in such a small car. That brings me on to its engines. The standard 93bhp 1.2-litre petrol is happy enough in the city. But it does struggle when you need acceleration on tap. It’s less torquey than the turbocharged three-cylinder in the Fiesta EcoBoost and the 1.2-litre TSI in the VW Polo.

You can get a really decent 50mpg from the 1.2-litre as well, if you are sensible with the accelerator around the city. Other engines in the range include a 74bhp 1.3-litre diesel and a sporty 1.6-litre 134bhp petrol. Which is good for a zero to 62mph sprint time of just seconds. The Swift’s interior is hardly what you would call lavish, with scratchy plastics and a rather dated infotainment screen. But that system doesn’t come as standard, highlights of the standard model include things like mp3 compatibility. Also electric front windows and seven airbags.

Suzuki Swift Spesification

Highlights of the top of the range SZ4 trim on the other hand are Bluetooth and automatic air conditioning. There is decent adjustment in the driver’s seat however, plenty of storage compartments and good all-round visibility. So it’s easy enough to get yourself comfortable and stay aware of your surroundings.

Space in the rear is a little squished if you have three rear passengers. But leg room is still impressive and so is headroom – certainly on par with the best of the supermini bunch. The boot does let the Swift down a little as it offers just 211 litres, which is 79 litres smaller than the Ford fiesta. There is also a really annoying lip Suzuki Swift 2017 review.

The seats do fold down though to give you a bit more freedom when it comes to larger bags. The Swift is a small car with big character. And if you weren’t sold by its looks or enjoyable drive. Then maybe its price tag will sway you, as it is around £1,000 less than the renowned Ford Fiesta. So let us know what you think of the Swift in the section below and don’t forget to the Car Keys Suzuki Swift 2017 review. Also, don’t forget to browse our channel for more of our reviews..

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